Long-term high fat diets accelerate cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease

Dietary factors have been previously linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

A new study used a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease to examine the connections between diet and brain health.

The findings show that a long-term high fat diet worsened depression-like behavior and cognitive decline, highlighting a need for further study on the effects of high fat diets in humans with Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia affecting approximately 5.8 millionTrusted Source people in the United States.

The causes of Alzheimer’s are not fully understood and currently, there is no cure. But diet may play a role in possible prevention and treatment strategies.

For instance, a Mediterranean-style diet appears to have benefits for brain health and may reduce the rate of cognitive decline in people with Alzheimer’s. But a Western or American” dietTrusted Source, which typically includes high calorie and high fat foods, has been linked to neurodegeneration and cognitive decline in mice.

In a new study, researchers from the University of South Australia examined the effects of a long-term high fat diet for people with Alzheimer’s. The results, recently published in the journal Metabolic Brain Disease, suggest that a long-term high fat diet could contribute to behavioral and cognitive decline in the disease.

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