If you’re seeking for romance, Lee Jong-suk has chemistry with Yoona from Girls Generation and is making a comeback with Big Mouth.

The principal actors in Oh Choong-Big hwan’s Mouth are Lee Jong-suk and Im Yoon-ah.

The dark noir thriller series Big Mouth marks Lee Jong-return suk’s to tiny screens on television after a break of more than two years. The drama, which is directed by Oh Choong-hwan, centres on a lawyer whose life is turned upside down when he becomes involved in a murder investigation. In his effort to survive and defend his family, he unearths sinister plots that drag him deeper into anarchy. Im Yoo-nah (better known by her stage name Yoona), a member of Girls Generation, plays his astute wife Mi-ho in the show.

It’s been a great experience to be on set, Lee Jong-suk stated at a news conference regarding his comeback. I apologise for not returning sooner because I know that many fans have been waiting for this for a while. He replied, “I have such much respect for him,” when asked about working with Director Oh, the man behind hits like While You Were Sleeping and Start Up. We were discussing the potential for the series when he suggested that I try something different, so I joined the cast. He is kind of like a brother to me. Even though Jong-suk has acted in many revenge dramas like W-Two Worlds and Pinocchio, it wasn’t fully a piece of cake for him. There were several moments, he claimed. There were several scenes that were difficult for me to communicate when I was feeling anxious. I questioned everything.

He acknowledged that he was looking forward to the role of Yoona’s spouse in Big Mouth and their on-screen chemistry, and while he is aware of fans’ expectations, he wanted them to know that they spent a lot of the series in physically separate locations. We spend the most of the time in separate locations, Jong-suk continued. If you’re hoping for a romantic relationship between the two, you might not be happy. Overall, I believe Yoona’s character and I are both trying to support each other.

They are a newlywed pair, Yoona stated when referring to them in the series. I actually didn’t give it much thought, which is why I decided to join the project. There was some actual separation between. Despite being a married couple, we were. However, I had anticipated spending time with each of them, but that did not happen. There are certain flashback scenes that depict us as a loving couple; these are the romantic moments when people can sense the love between them.

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