Miami Marlins’ Daniel Castano hit in head by 104mph line drive

Miami Marlins pitcher Daniel Castano was struck in the head by a 104mph line drive from the bat of Cincinnati Reds third baseman Donovan Solano in the game’s most memorable inning on Thursday.
The ball deflected so fiercely off Castano’s face that it traveled to Marlins third baseman Joey Wendle for the out, while Castano himself tumbled to the floor with his head in his grasp.
Marlins’ coaches, supervisor Don Mattingly and catcher Jacob Stallings, raced to the hill to keep an eye on the 27-year-old, who was treated on the pitch yet ready to stroll off the field.
Whenever he had stood up, Solano put his arm around him and the two traded words before Castano set out toward the hole.
“I don’t know what occurred,” a wrapped Castano told columnists after the game.
“I was down briefly. I was somewhat out of it. At the point when I awakened, I asked, ‘What occurred?’ I’m vastly improved at this point. I’m somewhat worn out, yet I’ll be okay.”
“It’s somewhat frightening,” Mattingly said. “Your greatest apprehension is harm. He’s similarly great as could be anticipated.”
The Marlins later declared on Twitter that Castano had experienced a temple injury with a gentle blackout, and will be assessed further. Castano likewise put out his own announcement on Twitter.
“Much thanks to you for everybody for hell’s sake, backing, and petitions. I’m getting along admirably and it might have been a ton more terrible,” he said.
“Past grateful for the proficiency and generosity of my mentors, coaches, partners and Solano, what was displayed to me today really goes past the game. What a sobering update on the quickness of life, grateful to have my confirmation in Christ. Romans 8:28.”

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