Amazing Attorney Woo Episode 11: Kang Tae-Lee oh’s Jun-ho sets a new standard for K-drama protagonists with a back-hug cushion scene, according to sentimental viewers

After Kang Tae-character oh’s reassures Woo following a breakdown in the most recent Extraordinary Attorney Woo episode, viewers were left feeling pretty moved.

Another powerful episode from Extraordinary Attorney Woo, full of exciting legal drama and, of course, the romance between the “whale couple,” as their fans affectionately refer to them. Autistic character Woo Young-woo played by Park Eun-bin is having a serious love interest in Lee Jun-ho played by Kang Tae-oh. Woo Young-woo had to save a woman in the most recent episode from being conned by her cheating spouse, a fact that she only realised later.

The drama, however, took a heartbreaking turn when the spouse passed away unexpectedly in a vehicle accident in front of them, causing Woo Young-woo to experience sensory overload and resulting in a meltdown. Lee Jun-ho soothes her with a tight hug till she calms down in one of the most heartbreaking scenes in K-drama history. Lee Jun-ho tells Woo Young-woo she doesn’t need a “back hug cushion” and offers to be her hug cushion instead of Woo Young-woo nervously explaining the idea of a “back hug cushion” that relieves anxiety later in the episode.

Fans were understandably placed in a state of emotional chaos by this. “This was more than simply a comforting hug,” one fan remarked. It has to do with Lee Junho accepting all facets of Woo Young Woo. He is the greenest green flag ever because of this. “I am extremely moved by this incident because Jun Ho knew what to do right away. Simply put, it was heartwarming. Again, who’s chopping onions?” another person said. One person continued, “I am speechless by Park Eun Bin’s best actress deserving performance in this sequence.

The love story has been quite different and hasn’t followed any typical K-drama patterns. It’s unusual for a K-drama romance for the male lead to be aloof, icy, or the CEO of a firm. Neither did the leads have a past tragic childhood connection, or they were rivals or best friends before the programme. Lee Jun-ho is really seen standing next to Woo in the episode wearing a dolphin cap (because she loves huge fish). It has been remarked that Lee Jun-ho has set the bar astronomically high, yet it is still unclear what the upcoming episodes will bring.

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