Dark eras of the galaxy’s revolution are explored in the Star Wars series Andor.

Even though viewers are aware that Cassian’s story ends with a young man giving his life for others, lead actor Diego Luna claimed that Andor will not be predictable.

The future “Rogue One” hero Cassian Andor must choose how far to go in his ongoing struggle against tyrannical forces in the new “Star Wars” television series, according to the star and creator on Wednesday.

On September 21, “Andor” will make its Disney+ streaming service debut. Diego Luna plays the title character in the 12-episode series, a rebel who gave his life at the end of the 2016 movie “Rogue One” in order to further the greater good.

At a Television Critics Association event, creator Tony Gilroy revealed to reporters that he drew on details from the film to create the character’s past. Since he was six years old, according to Cassian in “Rogue One,” he has been engaged in the galaxy’s unfolding revolution.

“Oh my God, if we don’t go out and make one final push, then all of the terrible things that I’ve done for the Rebellion will be for,” he exclaims toward the close of the movie Nothing,” Gilroy declared. “So we are aware that this is a really gloomy time.”

According to Gilroy, the first season of the series would cover a year and that it starts five years before the events of “Rogue One.” Disney has already placed an order for a second season, which will span the final four years before “Rogue One” premieres.

Above all, this is a show about “ordinary people” going about their daily lives while having to make important choices, according to Gilroy.

Even if fans are aware that Cassian’s story ends with a young man giving his life for others, Luna claimed that “Andor” will not be predictable.

Everything you believe you know about Cassian will be put to the test, Luna remarked. “I’m going to tell you something about what causes something that you don’t know.”

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